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Larry Pozner

In more than 400 lectures, Larry Pozner has taught the advanced techniques while explaining the science behind these methods.  His book Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, co-authored with Roger Dodd, is America's best-selling book on cross-examination.

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What wins your trial is your cross

Larry's lectures are built around the newest tools for understanding how to motivate jurors to award us the verdict we seek, the advanced techniques of cross that can immediately result in an advantage in trial, and how we can all become quicker at crafting the cross examinations that win cases.


Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques

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The emphasis on hard work, training, and preparation over innate ability and experience is good news for practitioners like me who, perhaps lacking in natural talents, are still trying to learn the craft.

- Jamison Koehler of Koehler Law

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This text should be required reading at every law school on the planet. If its true that cross-examination is the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth, then this book better be on your shelf. There is nothing else like it.

-ADBndy Amazon review

I've been trying cases for thirty years and I can't imagine how I did it before I read this book. Pozner and Dodd are brilliant. Their book on cross-examination is the best thing that I have ever seen on the topic. What they say makes sense. It is easy to implement. And it works! Can't do better than that.

-Robert J. Kasieta Amazon review



Trust, Wills & Probate

Family Law

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"Greatest seminar I have ever been to. Just wonderful- Gives me a renewed sense of purpose. Please, please have him back!"  
-EVALUATION OF NACDL & NCDD’s 23rd Annual DWI Means Defend With Ingenuity



Denver, CO





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