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Larry Pozner is a nationally recognized trial lawyer, lecturer, and author. His book, Cross Examination: Science and Techniques (Lexis, co-authored with Roger Dodd) is now in its 3rd edition and continues to be Americas's bestselling book on cross. Reviewers have described the book in words such as "long," and "in English."


Larry's lectures are built around the newest tools for understanding how to motivate jurors to award us the verdict we seek, the advanced techniques of cross that can immediately result in an advantage in trial, and how we can all become quicker at crafting the cross examinations that win cases.


Mastering the science of cross-examination is essential for the skilled litigator. Veteran trial lawyer and author Larry Pozner teaches the key elements of effective cross: how to factually dominate the trial with substance, train witnesses, shape jurors’ perceptions, put facts in the best context, derail opposition, and ultimately win cases. Focus on the power of leading questions, how to control witnesses one fact at a time, and goal-oriented questioning sequences that block escape.


Larry began his career in the Colorado Public Defender system. He later formed a criminal defense firm, and a subsequent firm handling both plaintiff and defense sides of document-intensive civil matters for businesses large and small, but if we are being blunt, mostly large. For many years, Larry defended the Denver Broncos franchise in trials including the lawsuit challenging Pat Bowlen's purchase of the team. Larry won, which is why he could remain in Colorado.

Larry is a Past-president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is listed in Best Lawyers in America for Bet-the-Company litigation, and in Criminal Defense, both White Collar and Non-White Collar crimes.

He has lectured in 48 states throughout Canada, and strangely, Brazil. As a teacher at the University of Denver College of Law he was voted Best Professor. But that may have been due to his "nobody flunks" policy.

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