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Cross-examination is the single most important element of a trial well-conducted. When you learn to do it right, Larry Pozner says, you accomplish four critical goals: (1) you amp up the witness's voice to relate each fact of your story to the jury; (2) you break that story down into clear, veridical "chapters" - factual building blocks that trigger and channel jury cognitions; (3) you construct logical, semantic links between your opening and closing - links necessary for the jury to resonate with your theory of the case; and (4) you use witness emotion - like anxiety -- to reconstruct fading memories, compel honesty, eliminate distortions, close down paths to irrational outcomes, and empower your jury to reach a clear decision.


In this 4-hour DVD training, Pozner shares signature techniques well-grounded in current thinking about the neuroscience of decision, memory, and emotion. He explains how leading questions can moderate witness behavior on the stand; how simple sentence construction, fact-ordering, and the paintbrush of mental imagery can make a witness malleable; and how simple, logic-based facts can build memorable narrative, channel judge and jury cognition, and drive the engine of inference to your advantage.

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In this 4-hour DVD Pozner begins with insights from science on how people make decisions and how we can cause jurors to quickly embrace reasonable doubt. He then discusses the
critical differences between constructive and destructive cross-examinations, while providing specific examples.
He explains in detail how the defense can easily apply the concepts of constructive cross-examination for using prosecution witnesses to bolster every

aspect of your defense. 

Let Pozner teach you how to derail and impeach even the
most evasive expert witness in just a matter of minutes. In this completely new and groundbreaking 4-hour training program
Pozner incorporates his technique, “The Chapter Method” of Cross-Examination, as applied specifically to Forensic Experts. Learn it just once, and you can use it with spectacular results for the rest of your career. This entertaining, hands-on training
offers you sample “chapters” and powerful sample scripts that you can tailor to your own facts when dealing with forensic experts,


Undermining the opponent's case and discrediting the opponent's witnesses have historically been viewed as primary goals of cross-examination. However, counsel can also use cross-examination constructively to control the opponent's witnesses so that the witnesses will advance the attorney's own theory of the case. This use of cross-examination can be devastatingly effective, yet many attorneys fail to deploy it. The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD set gives attorneys the practical tools to unleash the power of constructive cross-examination for better trial outcomes. Four DVDs, containing nine lectures, provide detailed guidance on the authors' signature "Chapter Method" of preparing for cross-examination, as well as proven techniques for controlling witnesses.

Masters of Cross-Examination
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Preparation for Deposition in a Family Law Case
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Preparation for Deposition in a Personal Injury Case: Defense

Preparation for Deposition DVD Series

Comprehensive, professional, billable preparation for your witness! Proper preparation of your client prior to their deposition can prevent mistakes that can cost you the trial or hurt your settlement. These DVDs are designed with your client in mind; help your client prepare for the deposition experience, know what to expect and understand the "do's and don'ts" of being deposed.

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Preparation for Deposition in a Business Case
Preparation for Deposition in a Personal Injury Case: Plaintiff
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